How to Write a Dissertation Conclusion

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What do you think, which part of a dissertation is predominant over another? Most likely, you regard a dissertation conclusion as a less vital section which is, in fact, a rewrite of an introduction. If yes, you are terribly mistaken and will soon be marked down. When you are working on a long piece of paper, it becomes sensible to observe certain principles stated before so that your readers don’t lose the thread of the topic. Additionally, each dissertation should own not only a single final conclusion but also several little ones in every chapter. This makes your reader remember the plot and importance of the exact chapter before you pass to the next one.

The Essence of a Dissertation Conclusion

Before we state the main principles of writing an efficient conclusion dissertation, it’s important to first acknowledge the basic aim of this paper part. Notwithstanding the topic or discipline you are working out a dissertation in, several messages are to be thoroughly absorbed by your readers once they are up with the conclusion. So, now we shall unveil what you should input in a dissertation conclusion to make it stand out and get you a high mark! The most successful dissertation conclusion structure is at your full disposal.

General Overview

The first part of a good dissertation conclusion is the general review of the most significant chapters of the work. State clearly which the genuine obstructions of your dissertation are plus where one can find them. For this, it will be grandiose to implement a bullet list. A brief, yet a comprehensive overview is what your readers anticipate from the dissertation conclusion.

Summary of Chapters

A well-written dissertation conclusion (especially when it’s going to be published) is to include an executive summary of the paper. Be certain, far not all readers will read the work from the beginning to the end. Accordingly, the conclusion better represents the significant aspects you stated in the major chapters.


When working out a conclusion for your dissertation, remember to devote at least one paragraph to the recommendations. The latter will be an utmost useful step as for your readers or the committee, so for yourself, be sure. The latter must be derived from the fallout of your research work and accompany the reader through concrete ideas and principles.

Further Work

Writing dissertation conclusion does not mean giving a final solution to a definite issue or subject. On the contrary, a really worthy piece of writing will give space for the later research and consideration. It’s a kind of linking between the questions and the open ends.

Writing a Dissertation Conclusion

Now, when you have already got the whole significance of dissertation conclusions, as well as have been informed about the dominant aspects to add to this section, it’s high time to pass to the actual writing process. There is a certain principle called “reflection” sticking to which you’re going to have a fantastic result. If your readers aren’t likely to spend time reading the entire paper, but straightly turn to the conclusion, what message will they get? What CTA, question or idea would you like to deliver to your audience? The solutions to both these questions should be identical. Asking these questions all through the entire process of writing the dissertation, you’re most likely to get the right ending.
Nevertheless, there is a sure structure you need to adhere to for making it easier for you to build up a good dissertation conclusion.
Initially, you need to take notes while proofreading the draft. This way you will both save time and have the crucial points of the paper at hand. Once you are done with the whole proofreading work, join your extracts (notes) to build up the draft of the writing. The latter is a raw material which needs accurate and attentive modification. All the sections you get are to be computed to your practical implications, further work, contributions. Once you’re finally done with the dissertation conclusion example, revise the draft and make sure it answers your main question whether this section completely grasps the nature of the dissertation.

Pitfalls You Need to Avoid

  • There doesn’t seem to be any work existing which wouldn’t have certain pitfalls to escape. In our case, there are three major ones that may ruin your dissertation conclusion.
  • Long-drawn and long-winded conclusion
    Repeating yourself continuously and unnecessarily is the first thing you ought to stay miles away! If you start boring your reader, it will be unreasonable to expect decent marks or criticism.
  • Too brief conclusion
    Surely, a well-grounded conclusion shouldn’t be artificially prolonged, yet neither should it be too short. When it is too brief, it will be simply impossible not to miss vital arguments and come to any logical conclusion.
  • Implausible conclusion
    And the last point to avoid is making unsubstantiated claims. A logical link between the evidence and your research is mandatory.

Ordering a Dissertation Conclusion

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