Topics on Education Papers

Topics on Education Papers

Education is a field with several facets to it. Very often people will look at it as boring and straightforward. This reflects their own experiences much more than the institution as a whole.

If you are studying toward any type of certification in education, you should be aware that topic choice is essential. In selecting your topic for an essay, bear the following in mind:

  • There are some concepts that the field is not ready for just yet

You may have discovered something very interesting about the way your own mental processes work that could revolutionize the way people learn. If you have no proof, you may find yourself being ostracized for writing about it. Play it safe unless you are sure your readers are ready for you.

  • There are some concepts you may not have the time to address fully

You may have stumbled upon a great idea that would work wonderfully if you had twenty years to do the research for it. This is no good to you if you are in a hurry.

  • There are too many topics that have been done over and over by different writers

The desire to be original should not be greater than your desire to write well, especially as a teacher in training. Still, you should not play it so safe that your essay is boring and your reader can predict exactly what you will write at every step.

Using these tips, you might brainstorm and end up compiling a list of topics fairly similar to this:

  1. The Kitchen as a Lab: How Chemistry can be taught through cooking
  2. Can Physical Education be justified given widespread budget cuts in Education?
  3. Persistent Gender Roles: Why girls are still dissuaded from taking woodwork
  4. Should more students be encouraged to pursue careers in agriculture?
  5. Are shy students more likely to achieve academic success?
  6. How many languages can preschool students be safely exposed to at once?
  7. Do responsible pet owners usually make better students?
  8. Has the increased use of computers in the classroom led to a decline in penmanship?
  9. How can schools reduce the level of discrimination experienced by ethnic minorities?
  10. The Age of Entitlement: How self-esteem has been overemphasized to the detriment of self-worth in modern schools

There is no perfect essay concept for everyone, you will need to choose the one that most appeals to you so study them well.

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