7 steps for a perfect research proposal

7 steps for a perfect research proposal

A research proposal is considered to be a concise and detailed description (or plan) of your research project, that should be done before you start working on your researches. It is the most important document that is submitted before undertaking postgraduate or doctoral research. Furthermore, a research proposal is the key part of your application process. It shows your possibility to do work qualitatively and clearly by expressing your thoughts in the structured and understandable way, what could help you to match your research purposes with an appropriate supervisor as well as to find potential sponsors for a funding grant.

The proposal has to focus on the central questions or issues which you are going to consider in your research project. Regardless of the research topic you are working on and methods you are managing, in general, your research proposal  should have the following elements :

research proposal infographicsResearch Proposal Title

Usually, titles indicate clearly the obvious variables in the course of work. However, catchy and interesting titles get an additional attention from the readers, that could improve the first impression about work in general.


In the introduction, you should set out the problem and how your problem is connected with your work topic. Try to treat your introduction as it is a significant pitch of the idea that allows readers to understand your goals as well as notice your passion and excitement about what you are going to do. Furthermore, it is important to describe the methods for problem analysis and mention the reasons for the importance of particular studies.

Context and Significance

Here you should include all background you will consider in your research topic, add the brief overview of the area and sum up the current state of knowledge in the defined branch. Also, you have to write a more detailed description of the studies’ goal than you did in the intro.   You should describe the main issues your researches are addressed to and explain how your actions plan looks like. Don’t forget to add definitions or statements that could help you to set on a clear focus on what you are researching.

Literature Review

This section should have a comparison and contrasts between various theories, methods, ideas, arguments, themes, which are expressed in the literature. Don’t be afraid to critique the writers of works, which seem to you less successful, notable and reliable. Necessarily, write how your research project adds, creates and departs from a new information to things were said previously.

Design and Methods of Researches

Here you have to specify every single step and explain  (if it’s possible with examples) how this action will help you to research a problem. Also, you should include methods you will be using as well as make a timescale for the applying of the operations in reality. Accept the methodology not as a to-do list, but as a way to bring your researches to the best result. Show your awareness and readiness to overcome possible problems and barriers and describe the methods you are going to use in extremal cases.

Suspected Implications

The goal of this section is to stress on gaps in the undervalued areas and demonstrate how your researches could make up them and contribute to new ways of solving the problem if the study will be implemented correctly.


A conclusion has to contain a repetition of the study’s importance and significance, emphasize why this project is worth implementing and be a short summary of the entire research project.


If needed, at the end of the research proposal you could write down references and bibliography you have used in your work.

A research proposal proves your competence in the research area, by referring to the recent news or a current state of knowledge connected with the topic. In addition, it could show a originality and creativity of your project, that could add the significant value to the work. You have to provide convincing evidence of the need for these studies because the main goal of your researches has to demonstrate obvious benefits and outcomes obtained from the completion of the study. Remember, that first of all, with your research proposal you have to show your own desire and faith in the importance of this research project.

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