A List Of Interesting College-Level Essay Topics On Racism

Essay Topics On Racism

If you are working on a college level essay and you’re looking for interesting topics on racism, we have a few key areas and spotlights in the news that you may want to consider.

Ideas for topic

  • Consider writing a paper on free will as many people are starting to question whether or not racist acts are related to free will and free speech. Question areas where civil rights may be violated. Why is it that the government can come down on people who are racist, and yet they are saying that they have free will, and they have a right to their opinions?
  • Another top area related in a similar manner is to write about free speech. Because people can make threats, are they breaking the law, or is this really an issue where they have the right to say whatever they want? How is the line crossed between what’s considered a threat versus them being able to express their thoughts and opinions freely? How does free speech tie into hate crimes? For example, there have been several incidents in the news about African Americans rallying around people who were attacked or killed by white officers. There have also been incidents where the KKK has solicited for more membership. Is it okay for either party to rally in this manner or are they bordering on of using the laws and privileges as it relates to the Constitution for their own benefit?
  • Another area you may consider, and this may be a bigger assignment that you can work on, might be to consider a case like an area in Louisiana, where whole towns are starting to declare that they want to make their own cities. They have decided that they want all-white cities, and they’re working to have legislation in place to ensure that they get the government’s support. Write your thoughts on this and explain if you think it’s illegal, or whether or not you think this is going to be a new societal push in the future.
  • Next, consider writing about all of the racial rioting, the issue with Ferguson, and different parts of Missouri. Where do you think this will lead and where do you think a resolution can come from. Do you think that this is an area that the police need to be involved in or the government, for that matter?
  • Lastly, what if you write on the history of racism and what people have gone through over the years as it relates to progress? For example, there were several minority groups that have been challenged racially, but why does it seem like African Americans are the only ones in the spotlight right now? Is there a correlation between African Americans and Barack Obama being in office that has everyone on edge?

Whichever paper you go with, the ideas should flow as you look at some of the headlines that are in the news, and you can tie in video footage, articles, and historical data. This can also help you to write a well-rounded paper and get a good grade for your essay. Of course, you can order essay from our best essay writers!