review: Is it Good?

edubirdie review

Essay writing can be a stressful ordeal. The anxiety you feel when you sit down to write those first few words, knowing they could make or break all your research. The fear of plagiarism constantly looming over you, as well as the tedious intricacies of referencing and footnoting correctly. All of these elements to remember is enough to stump even the most experienced essayist. As a result of this, a myriad of easy support websites have sprung up. Aiding students in any way possible, from note-taking, to referencing, to hands-on essay writing support. seems to want to go that step further, and have a collection of writers that will actually write your essay for you. It’s objective is to provide a legal and reliable service! But is Edubirdie legit? Does Edubirdie actually work? Is Edubirdie cheating? Here’s the answers!

Useful Reviews

In their own words,
‘EduBirdie is an academic marketplace where students can choose from hundreds of professional writers to assist them with their writing assignments.’
Basically, someone that is looking for support on an assignment can upload their request (free of charge). From then, writers bid on the assignment until one is chosen. The writer then begins to support the client.
It is somewhat unclear what sort of form this support takes, you can request ‘assignment help’, but the focus of the service seems to be on writing your assignment for you completely. There is a drop-down menu which details writing services for everything from theses to speeches. What is interesting is that they acknowledge that:
‘Some think that ordering a an assignment at such site is equal to cheating’ (notice the grammatical error in there)
But they point to a track-record of pleased clients as proof that their service is reliable and reputable. From this language, it seems that the burden of morality is on the client. The website does not mention it, but I’m sure Edubirdie want you to exhaust all of your options before turning to them to write your essay for you. Essay Company

There has been a conscious effort to make the website vibrant and easy to use. On the very first screen we are greeted by a bold, blue and white screen. A cute bluebird avatar directs us toward two boxes; one is meant for you to detail what sort of writing you need help with, and the other is for your email address. A heading above reads that ‘If you can’t write the essay, Edubirdie can’, and an even bigger heading hammers home that it is ‘100% plagiarism free’.edubirdie review
The ‘how it works’ section of the website sets out a clear and concise 4-step process. The process consists of: Placing your order, choosing the writer, supervising the process and succeeding in your class. A little box in the left hand corner of the screen reads ’24/7 Customer Service’. The focus on counterpointing essaywritings complexities with a simple, easy-to-use service is clear.

The Overall Verdict

Being that we are unable to actually test’s essay writing services it is hard to give an overall verdict of the service. Suffice to say that it seems to be a very professionally run service, with excellent writers and support staff on board. But I believe one must think long and hard before using a service that puts a price on something that is meant to be an expression of your own research and knowledge.